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There was controversy when the first tent city of the homeless formed virtually overnight in the lilly white suburb! The phony white liberals were outraged when I hypothesized that it would bring crime to our neighborhoods! "We are called to love our neighbors and be harmless as doves" they shrieked, when I asserted this would mean a greater need for firearms to protect our homes! She also howled "racist" when I pointed out that Shari'a proponent Police Officers would enforce the Shari'a in preference to the laws of our land.

"How can you call yourself a Christian and harbor negative thoughts about other children of God!" howled the church ladies. And with this conviction, one of the church ladies opened her door to a shabbily dressed young man who pleaded for help because his "car had broken down" and needed to use her phone.

She had no idea where the other four young men came from that burst through her front door once she opened it. And here she and her husband were, duct taped to their kitchen chairs, the last piece of tape across their mouths.

They heard the muffled screams and struggles of their teen-aged daughter downstairs, (who was now duct taped to the four posts of her bed, naked and spread eagled).  The helplessly bound couple could see the young bearded men with funny caps taking turns going downstairs as the others rummaged through their home, taking wallets, credit cards, car keys, laptops, jewelry, anything that could be turned into cash.

When the last young man went downstairs, he took a box cutter with him. And as the young men upstairs were finishing loading the bags into the family SUV, on which they'd already changed the plates, one of the men picked up the other box cutter from the kitchen counter and walked toward the helpless couple.. What the couple couldn't see was the police car across the street, darkened and idoling, passively observing everything....

At the triple funeral for the church lady, her husband and daughter, the Pastor of the Last Unitarian Church of Peace, Justice and Fellowship eulogized the lady for her uncompromising stance in favor of sanctuary laws and gun control. He praised her for calling out the racists that doubted the Shari'a Proponent Police Force, at which the Imam in attendance nodded and wept his allegator tears. After all, it must have been homeless vagrants that committed these crimes.

My Presentation at the OSCE Conference, Warsaw Poland Sept 20, 2018

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Sea Jay Foundation
David Petteys

Combatting Racism, xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination
Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
Warsaw Poland, Sept 20, 2018 Session 17

The Sea Jay Foundation recommends that the OSCE participating states re-examine the Commitments that treat xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination as absolutes in light of the understanding that they are not.

One hears a lot about “Combatting xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination” as if they were absolute evils. But realistically, they are human reactions to events and situations that present themselves, not absolutes. We may “tolerate” a visiting relative, but we may be “intolerant” of an employee who is stealing from us. This person may even “suffer discrimination” by getting fired! But in such a case it’s richly deserved.

It may be wrong to be intolerant of a person solely because of religion or skin color. But if an ideologically driven group harms citizens, we retain the right to disapprove. We retain the right to hold them accountable to our laws and to remove them from society if necessary.

No one likes to be attacked or likes the attackers or wants them in their society! Yet these basic human reactions are labeled “intolerance, xenophobia and discrimination”! What an Orwellian absurdity!

Such human reactions are not an irrational “phobias” but rational common sense! To try to criminalize such is to criminalize the instinct for self-preservation! A bad idea!



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