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1. Create a "panic" over the "pandemic" (which is no more than the annual flu) to erase the economic gains of the President to give the Marxists a better change at the elections of 2020

2. If they win, they have mandatory vaccines to keep everyone "safe from the vaccines".

// reality: to sterilize and make autistic the children.  We need to find the Bill Gates' articles on population control through vaccines" which is more than likely the agenda here''

3, The Deep State mandates embedding chips in every citizen. "Oh, we need to track the virus" they will say. // Reality, they want to track YOU and root out all dissidents!

4.. Then they will mandate the "social distancing" for years to come: "Oh we need to stop the spread of the virus".  // Reality, when they track you, they want you to stand apart from one another so they can identify you clearly. If you're too close to others it confuses the trackers!

5. Then the Deep State implements their China-Centric Marxist Global Governance "Hunger Games" Technocratic dictatorship nightmare, where Satanic population control justified for the sake of "Global Warming" can begin!





Sea Jay Foundation
David Petteys

Combatting Hate Crimes
Human Dimension Implementation Meeting Session 14
Warsaw Poland, Sept 25,2019


Thank You M/Mme Chairman:

I’m Dave Petteys, Sea Jay foundation. The session is on Hate Crime, which is linked to Hate Speech. In many jurisdictions, the speech itself is the “hate crime”!

The key ingredient is the extension of rights to include the right to not be insulted and to not have one’s feelings hurt. This, supposedly, is to make society more harmonious. Proponents sa//y “with free speech, handicapped people might be insulted!”

There may be those who plot to insult the handicapped;  But  a  more likely scenario is the “bait and switch”.  Application of the law from the handicapped to government officials will be swift. These laws will be  a convenient tool to suppress opposition

Everyone knows individuals and groups who are “injustice collectors”.  They see slights and insult at every turn.  To give such persons and groups the force of law is madness.  Rather than making society more harmonious, it’s transforming society into a litigious nightmare!

In the name of common sense, the Sea Jay Foundation recommends that these extended rights be rolled back!  They are arbitrary and unworkable!  The solution for insult and hurt feelings is dialogue, apology and forgiveness, not the courts. 

And this says nothing about the necessity to protect our precious tradition of free speech.

Video of Presentation

Sea Jay Foundation
David Petteys

Combatting Hate Crimes
Human Dimension Implementation Meeting Session 15
Warsaw Poland, Sept 25,2019


“Hate crime” can be viewed through the lens of Marxist Hegelian dialectic.  “Hate crimes” and “hate speech” are the antithesis to freedom and free speech, structured to negate and erase them.

The false binary: you must support our Hate Crimes Line of Effort or you are a person who supports racism, xenophobia, discrimination, etc.  Any option to just defend free speech  is absent!

This erasure and negation use Marxist Critical Theory and “Repressive Tolerance”.

Oppose the Marxist agenda and you are criticized, ridiculed and torn down without mercy.   Support the agenda and you get a free pass.

This explains precisely the asymmetry in enforcing the “hate crimes” laws. The 40 thousand London knife attacks fit the definition of hate crimes[1] but are not classified as such.  Yet the Metropolitan Police prosecute the victims for “offensive Face Book or Twitter posts” that are deemed “incitement to hatred and discrimination”. The crimes themselves are dismissed as “part and parcel of living in a big city.” [2]  

The Sea Jay Foundation warns the people in the OSCE area that this dialectic is an existential threat to Western Civilization. If nothing is done, it will usher in a totalitarian dark age that mayl last a thousand years.

[1] Preventing And Responding to Hate Crimes, OSCE/ODIHR 2009, chapter 2


Video of Presentation


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