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Mexico Caravan of Illegal Aliens: The Start of a 600 Million Invasion to Erase America?

A video on why Communism failed in Europe

This video explains in clear terms that Communists believe in the perfectability of human nature and thus the possibility of building a "perfect society on earth". The only obstacle is the "unsuitable people" who don't go along with the program. So the Communists believe that ABSOLUTE political power is necessary so they can exterminate these undesirables and build their vision of utopia. Communists will cheerfully commit mass murder of millions of Christians, conservatives, and anyone smarter than the party functionaries who threaten them!

We see it practiced in China and North Korea today. For all those business toadies who think dealing with the Communists is 'OK', consider this: in North Korea, the government combs through schools to pick out the attractive students for sex slaves. Thus, your teen aged daughter just doesn't come home from school that day. You are notified that she has "entered the service of the Great and Glorious Leader". Any objection would be met with imprisonment!

In China, Christian and Falun Gong prisoners are kept and classified, such that if an opportuny to sell an organ arises, the prisioner is popped into an execution van which is drivn to the airport. And by the time the van reaches plane side, the organ is "harvested", iced, and in the cooler ready to be flown to the high roller in the Japanese hospital. The prisoner's body to be disposed of later.

So do you really want to live in a society where the State is everything, and the individual, his life and his dignity worth NOTHING?

People need to understand the reality of what they are supporting when they listen to their Marxist college professors who cheerfully advocate a whitewashed version of Communism.

My Presentation at the OSCE Conference, Warsaw Poland Sept 20, 2018

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Sea Jay Foundation
David Petteys

Combatting Racism, xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination
Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
Warsaw Poland, Sept 20, 2018 Session 17

The Sea Jay Foundation recommends that the OSCE participating states re-examine the Commitments that treat xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination as absolutes in light of the understanding that they are not.

One hears a lot about “Combatting xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination” as if they were absolute evils. But realistically, they are human reactions to events and situations that present themselves, not absolutes. We may “tolerate” a visiting relative, but we may be “intolerant” of an employee who is stealing from us. This person may even “suffer discrimination” by getting fired! But in such a case it’s richly deserved.

It may be wrong to be intolerant of a person solely because of religion or skin color. But if an ideologically driven group harms citizens, we retain the right to disapprove. We retain the right to hold them accountable to our laws and to remove them from society if necessary.

No one likes to be attacked or likes the attackers or wants them in their society! Yet these basic human reactions are labeled “intolerance, xenophobia and discrimination”! What an Orwellian absurdity!

Such human reactions are not an irrational “phobias” but rational common sense! To try to criminalize such is to criminalize the instinct for self-preservation! A bad idea!



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